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Organic and Eco Friendly Cleaning

eco friendly cleaning

It is true that a healthy home is a happy home. That is why here at Brooklyn Carpet Cleaning co we use only nontoxic, odor free and chemical free cleaning products. The odors from chemical based products can make a human or pet ill along with rashes and sneezing. So when choosing your next cleaning service remember us! The protection of your family and pets are our first concern of every client. Therefore, they prefer more green practices in cleaning their homes. Cleaning use of eco-friendly procedures and products really give full satisfaction of not having any side effects to the property and other items in the future. The cleanliness of your house will be maintained by us as we rely on greener ways to clean your residence.
Another reason of going towards organic cleaning is to fight against bacteria. There are many herbs and plants that provide excellent cleaning results, suppress the bacteria and also provide amazing fragrance to the house.

What We Do

We have a team of organic cleaners using only the safest cleaning products and methods. These are just as, if not more effective as regular carpet cleaning products. We can achieve great results, removing food and pet stains minus the risks of chemicals. We use our organic cleaning methods on all of our services.
Carpet Cleaning
Rug Cleaning
Upholstery Cleaning
Slip Covers Cleaning
Furniture Cleaning
Window Treatments Cleaning

Bed Linens and Comforters Cleaning

We clean all types of fibers from natural fibers to synthetic, from nylon to wool & silk and all in between.

Commercial and Industrial Organic Cleaning Services

environment safe cleaning

We also offer cleaning through green services for all commercial and industrial businesses. Germs are found more in carpets laying in commercial and industrial than homes because there is so much more traffic there.
Therefore, our organic cleaning processes work superbly to fight against bacteria and provide a healthier environment for your staff and visitors. Now you can increase the output of your business by relying on eco-friendly cleaning services for workplace.

Residential Cleaning Organic Cleaning Services

Since the beginning we have promoted only healthy cleaning. We refuse to comprise to save a bit of money.
We clean all homes with our chemical free and odor free cleaning. Health is wealth and you should never compromise on it, we sure don’t.
We will match any competitors, reasonably written estimate by 10%


I have very bad allergies and requested the organic cleaning. They did it and there was no smells when during or after they cleaned my carpets.
Harry M.

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