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Area Rug Cleaning By Brooklyn Carpet Cleaning Co

Rug cleaning is one of our most popular services. We have been in the rug cleaning business for over 30 years and have been rated #1 in Brooklyn for this service by our customers. We have many satisfied and repeat customers. We use only quality, chemical and odor free cleaning products in all of our cleaning services at very affordable prices. Trusted, well respected and well known in Brooklyn!
We offer free estimates, free pick-up and free delivery.
It is generally said by rug cleaning technicians that one should send their rug for cleaning at least twice a year. The dirt goes to every layer of rugs that becomes harder to be removed if not dealt with within a short time frame.
We use appropriate processes and approaches for defeating the dirt and grime from rugs. Rely on the reliable choice for you rug cleaning, Brooklyn Carpet Cleaning Co.

Steps We Use To Clean Rugs

Area Rug Cleaning

Removal of Dust

Successful cleaning of rugs are based on few crucial steps that need to be followed. The first step to keep your rugs clean is to remove all the dust.
Whether you use a vacuum cleaner or not dust must be cleaned properly from a rug. The only way to do this is to hire a trusted rug cleaning service like Brooklyn Carpet Cleaning Co to get out 100% of the stains your rug may have.
Our company has advanced tools and mechanisms to remove and eliminate dust perfectly from the rugs.

Area Rug Washing

If your rug can be cleaned with a water treatment we have a pool-like mechanism that the rugs are submerged into releasing all stains from the bottom, to the top, to in between of your rug.
The rug is the put into a ringer that will remove the water.
After that step the rug is them steamed to ensure the fibers are left soft.
If the rug has fringes they will be cleaned and steamed after the rug has been totally cleaned.

Drying Process

Do you know that certain rugs must be dried at certain temperatures? We have a hot drying room and a cool air drying room which allows your rug to get the proper drying it needs for a successful conclusion to our cleaning.
We provide the services at reasonable prices that you couldn’t get from any other company.

Types Of Rugs We Clean

At Brooklyn Carpet Cleaning Co we clean all rugs, all fabrics, types, sizes and condition, such as (just to name a few);
Knotted, Berber, Shag, Persian, Masinissa, Kashan, Pakistani Moroccan, Oriental, Safavieh, Handmade, Machine Made Nylon, Olefin, Contemporary, Wool, Silk, Jute, Printed, Designer
We will match any competitors, reasonably written estimate by 10%


I got a rug deep cleaned last month and couldn’t be happier.
Janice P.

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