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Area Rug Restoration By Brooklyn Carpet Cleaning Co

Professional Rug Restoration Services

We have experienced technicians with over 30 years of experience in the Brooklyn area focusing on rug restoration services. We ensure that the utmost, experienced care is taken with your rugs. Due to the complexities of the fibers and the dirt affecting them, all rugs require individual, special, skilled and tested treatments to restore your lovely rug to its original warm, deep glow.
Residents of Brooklyn have a big chance to get the ideal area rug restoration services without any hassle. We deliver the restored and cleaned rug to all locations in Brooklyn. Our firm has hired exceptionally expert rug restoration staff from different parts of the world. They simply address all the troubles and furthermore encounter their methods for the perfect restoration services. These employees are exceptionally expert and identify every issue straight after seeing it. Renovation of rugs wasn’t so simple before we came along. When you have the best team you get the best restoration.

Restorations We Do

Area Rug Restoration

Moth damage
Mildew and Mold damage
Water and Fire damage
Burn marks or holes
Hand Oriental fringing
Hole and tear
Size decreasing
Repair bent sides
Antique Restorations
Faded fabrics and patches on rugs require appropriate restoration. The process of restoration is excellent for rugs to take care of them and give new look. The renovation of tears and holes in rugs are restored by our firm to provide excellent services for people of Brooklyn.
The repair of pile, torn edges and the damaged rug through water or fire are complicated tasks. However, we make it possible for you to get your rug back to its original state.
Our main aim of renovation is to preserve their originality. Otherwise, there won’t be any point of getting services.

Antique Rug Restoration

We also do very precise and careful Antique rug restoration services. Our skilled craftsmen perform very delicate restorations to the simplest of restorations. We also offer antique rug washing.
Our clients include residential homes, designers, schools, antique dealers etc. We provide each and every client with personal service and very competitive rates.
We will match any competitors, reasonably written estimate by 10%


I had new fringes put on my oriental rug. Looks great!
Christine W.

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