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Bed Bugs Cleaning

Bed Bug Treatment

Bed bugs come from various places but once you see you have an infestation you should call us, Brooklyn Carpet Cleaning co. Our services are available with very quick and competent crew for bed bug treatment.
Our specialists guarantee eliminating all bugs from your home or office. We would around the clock for such an emergency.

Where Do Bed Bugs Hide

Most places they hide are in mattresses but as we now know they are anywhere fabrics are so you must be careful when traveling or inviting someone into your home that has just travelled.
The bed bugs that are not visible to most people generate damaging and contagious diseases. They have negative reaction on both internal and external human body parts. A lot of people try to overcome this issue by using anti-bug products or sprays. That absolutely will not solve your bed bug problem.

Bed Bug Removal-What To Do

Bed Bug Treatment - How to avoid Bed Bugs

The first step to stop the infestation of bed bugs is to call an exterminator. They will do 3 separate spraying treatments on 3 separate occasions. It is very important that the process is done this way. If not, you will get another infestation. The second step is to call Brooklyn Carpet Cleaning co. We will deep clean, sanitize and deodorize where you have bed bugs. The cleaning takes time but it will remove the bed bugs and their eggs.
The last step is to leave a window open a bit, for 24 hours, in the room that was just sprayed and cleaned. This will help everything dry and air out.

What We Clean

Slip Covers
Bed Linens
Anything Upholstered
Generally, the inspection team searches the exact area where these bugs generated. Then, they begin the procedure by choosing the most proper product for spraying and cleaning.
Our employees use equipment for diminishing them properly. The deep steaming process is ideal for the extremely dirty items that haven’t been cleaned in a while. The bugs are generated in most of air-conditioned rooms and spaces. The organic bug operating products are consistently ideal for the long-term consequences. Our detailed procedure has been developed to solve this concern for long-term.
We will match any competitors, reasonably written estimate by 10%


I had a bed bug issue after traveling overseas. Danny cleaned my mattress and took care of it.
Sally F.

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