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Allergy Control

There are many people who suffer from allergies. Some people have dust allergy while another are allergenic from home pets. Battling with the allergy by relying on medicine isn’t enough indeed. You must also keep your surroundings clean and free from germs. We at Brooklyn Carpet Cleaning co, we have a highly professional team and rely upon non-chemical accesses of handling allergy. Normally, hair over the skin of pets enters in our nostrils through the air. It doesn’t only produce allergy but can be painful for your life as well.

How We Remove Allergens?

Allergy Control Treatment

We use all non-toxic, allergy and odor free cleaning fluids in all of our cleaning services. We use all delicate cleaning equipment but with amazing results. We use distilled water for extra cleanliness in our cleaning system. Nothing beats our Allergy Cleaning system, nothing. We believe in all natural cleaning with the best results.
Our team knock out all the ways that are able to raise allergies again even after the spraying process. So, they knock out the stains, animal’s hair and other stains left by them. Then, the long progress of spraying in the entire house starts by our professional group of workers. This procedure hardly takes an hour so you are able to enter into the home within 60 minutes. You’d never get irritated with any of our services. Connect with us to get more details about particular offers and their prices.

What We Clean

Slip Covers
Window Treatments
Bed Linens and Comforters
We will match any competitors, reasonably written estimate by 10%


I had my carpet and rug cleaned after a cat visited me. The sneezing is gone.
Adrienne G.

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