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Drapery and Blinds Cleaning

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The cleaning of window treatments need more concentration than carpets, rugs or upholstery. That is because of the invisible dust that dirt on window treatments. Brooklyn Carpet Cleaning co is one of the best options for cleaning of your window treatments. We change the look of your home through our window treatments cleaning methods. The detailed case of cleaning window treatments turn into possible with the dedication and excellent way of providing services by our team. We offer free pick-up and delivery of all window treatments. Brooklyn Carpet Cleaning co responds instantly to all of your calls and messages.

The Process

Our crew uninstalls your window treatments. We take them to our facility. They are then inspected for any damages not noticed on the pick-up. If there are any damages we will photograph them and document them. They are then spot cleaned, then steam cleaned, then washed thoroughly. We us chemical-free detergents and products to remove stains and odors. They are then taken to the drying area where a huge heat drying system will completely dry your window treatments in an hour or so. The final process before inspection and delivery will be to press and steam them straight. We also do Ultrasonic cleaning as well, for delicate and non- washable window treatments.
Note: Sun fading is not removable

Window Treatments We Clean

Roller and Solar Shades
Cellular and Pleated Shades
Roman Shades
Mini and Venetian Blinds
Wood Blinds
Theatre Drapes (Cleaning done on site)
Austrian Shades

Other Window Treatment Services

Re-tape and Re-string blinds. Fix mechanisms. Repair head rails. Repair bottom rails. Sew damaged areas. Seam damaged areas.
We will match any competitors, reasonably written estimate by 10%


I called to have my wood blinds washed and repaired. They really look shiny and clean now.
Esther D.

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