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Mattress Cleaning

Matress Cleaning Services

There are many people that pay a lot of attention to keeping their home clean, especially their mattresses. Bacteria and germs may also be hidden in the mattresses. The air quality in your home can cause your mattress to be dirty. Also, sweat from a human body, their dead skin from the body and scalp are also major reason of their occurrence.
Brooklyn Carpet Cleaning co provides premium cleaning services for your mattresses. The extraordinarily professional staff here do an inspection first to find bacteria and then start process of cleaning the mattress.
We clean mattresses that have never been cleaned before with our deep cleaning process. You will get a 100% clean mattress (both internally and externally) through our services.
We’re actually the best mattress cleaning services provider in Brooklyn.

Spills and Odors, What To Do

In order to keep your mattress looking and staying fresh it must be cleaned regularly. People think that it is ok to get mattress cleaning services once a year, this is not always true. If you are unable to clean your mattress regular them you should vacuum it every 6 months or so. If you happen to get a stain or spill on your mattress clean it right away. Waiting too long will lessen the chances of you removing the stain successfully.

Our Detailed Procedure to Clean Mattresses

We first inspect your mattress, see what cleaning would be best. Then we perform a deep vacuuming. The cleaning process then begins. After cleaning is complete the machine will extract most of the water and all of the cleaning fluid.
Your mattress should dry within 24 hours or less. Leaving a window slightly open in that room will help quicken the drying time.

When To Clean Your Mattress

You should have your mattress cleaned once a year. If you suspect a bed bug infestation have the matters cleaning ASAP. Bed bugs will accumulate every day so waiting will just make the situation worse.
Call a licensed exterminator and explain that you have a bed bug issue. They will spray the room, 3 times over a week.
We will match any competitors, reasonably written estimate by 10%


My mattress was cleaned after my 5 year old had an accident on it. It’s super clean now.
Molly U.

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